Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Hands I Hold

Documenting the present is just as important as discovering the past, but unfortunately I find it almost more difficult. I think I won't forget things but even in the seven years I've been a mother I don't remember which of my children did what when.  The advantage of writing down our present is the ability to know all the facts.

Here's my Swain family's most recent family picture. I'm next to my husband with our four children. My two brothers are on the right of my parents and my sister on the far left. It was taken at our last family vacation in Lake Tahoe over the summer. Even though Kevin and his wife, Alexis (on the right), were married the year before, we were all so busy at their wedding we didn't get a family picture together. So, this happens to be the first family picture we've had with everyone since 2007. I love my growing family and the hands I get to hold in my present family line.